Snipeit Customization for Favicon and Logo

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In the last post, the installation of the Snipe-IT application was completed. Now, snipeit customization will be carried out.

Replacing the Favicon of the Page

To change the favicon of the page, copy the new favicon to the Snipe-IT volume folder /var/lib/docker/volumes/snipe-it_logs/_data/

[root@server snipe-it]# ls /var/lib/docker/volumes/snipe-it_logs/_data/
favicon.ico mycert.crt mycert.csr mycert.key ssl.conf

Access the snipeit container.

docker exec -it -uroot snipeit /bin/sh

Copy the new favicon to the folder /var/www/html/public

cp /var/www/html/storage/logs/favicon.ico /var/www/html/public/

Press ctrl + p + q to exit the container and restart.

docker restart snipeit

Access the page in a new browser tab to validate the change.

Adding Company Logo

To add the logo, go to the top right corner and click on the settings button. In the settings menu, access the first option Branding.

menu company de snipeit

Change the Web Branding Type option to Logo. In the option below Logo, upload the image. Click on save.

exemplo de novo logotipo de snipeit

In the next post, we will work on importing assets into Snipe-IT.

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